January 14, 2019

Using “THE LIST” to Get the Listing

POWERFACT:  Using metaphors and analogies helps you connect on a higher level when in a Listing Conversation.

Listen, I LOVE technology. I’ve got an app for almost everything. But here’s what I know – sometimes we can technology ourselves right out of a listing. Sometimes, going “old school” with a printed LIST — allows you to make the perfect point for why YOU should be the agent a seller lists with. Let me illustrate– watch this:

This is a great technique to practice using a list of your own with a friend or mentor. When we use visuals like a list to communicate with sellers, we add credibility to our words and illustrate more value during our conversation.

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Here are the details:

Join us January 17th at Noon Eastern. 

BREAKTHROUGH Business Plan (3 Plans in One)
In This Jam-Packed Intensive 1-Hour Training You Will Learn:

  • Understanding the components of Now Business, Future Business, and Financial Freedom 
  • The best way to generate listings in the next 30 days
  • How to differentiate between survival income and Next Level™ income 
  • The best marketing campaign for 2019
  • How to be more proactive and less reactive with your finances 
  • How to put a formula in place for financial freedom

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