September 24, 2018

Using the Shoe Store Analogy to Earn a Listing

When it comes to delivering the reasons why a FSBO should NOT be a FSBO – the “shoe store analogy” is a winning dialogue.

This is one of my favorite analogies for helping homeowners see the value in listing their home with a real estate professional. In this clip from my intensive listing workshop, I explain to agents how to put this into play when they are working with FSBOs.

Build Your Shoe Store

I often tell agents to build their “shoe store” – meaning their listing inventory. If you only have one listing, it’s like having just one pair of shoes to sell – once you’ve sold it you’re out of business. But if you have a shoe store stocked with shoes – then not only do you stay in business, but other agents bring their clients to YOUR store to buy shoes! (See what I did there?)

In this analogy – I spin it a little differently. I talk about the difference between having a corner shoe store (selling themselves with just their shoe) or putting their shoe in a mall shoe store (representing the MLS) where it’s exposed to EVERYONE who is looking for not just shoes – but so much more.  Have some fun with it — it’s one of the favorite tools of our Power Agents® when taking listings.

The List

You also hear me talk in the beginning using The List to help list property — you can see that video and strategy here. Using the Shoe Store Analogy to Take a Listing

In this market, it is essential that agents learn everything they can to build their “shoe stores” — meaning, increase your listing inventory. By doing that, you are better prepared for whatever market changes come our way.

Power Agents® – head over to your Prospecting tab to review the FSBO tools that you can use to land those listing appointments (including dialogues) — and take this analogy and the others you’ll find in your Listing Appointment tab to help the FSBOs in your market realize the value in  working with you as a real estate professional.

You’ll also find a sample Power Agent Listing Conversation Book in the Listing Appointment tab.

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