October 17, 2022

Got Wins? (Our Real Estate Coaching Members Do!)

Check out how our real estate coaching program helps add more wins to the week, along with celebrating them!

One of the biggest perks of  The Power Program® are the weekly coaching calls with Darryl Davis. On each Monday Mindset Call, Darryl starts with a “Win Party”, where coaching members share their real estate wins from the previous week and how this program is helping them to become even more successful.

Check out what a GREAT week our POWER AGENTS® had:

  • 12 New Listings
  • 7 New Closings
  • 6 Planning or Participating in Buyers/Sellers Workshops 
  • 3 Working on Mailing Campaigns – 3 Listings Under Contract 
  • 3 Held Open Houses 
  • 2 New Sales 
  • 2 New Listing Appointments 
  • 2 Got New Referrals
  • 2 Joined the POWER AGENT® Program!
  • Closed a Transaction in Less than 30-Days
  • Got a New Buyer Under Contract
  • Got Invited to Lunch by Two Lenders
  • Went on their First Listing Appointment
  • Mailed Out 50+ Marketing Post Cards 
  • Put an Offer Together
  • Started Planning a Buyer/Seller Seminar
  • Got a Home Inspection Done
  • Hired a New Bookkeeper
  • Converted a Tenant into a Buyer
  • Got a Tenant for their Rental Listing 
  • Got a Million Dollar Referral
  • Implemented a New System in their CRM
  • Prospected for an Open House
  • Wrote Out Hand-Written Notes
  • Started Planning a November Customer Appreciation Event 
  • Closed a Tough Deal 
  • Landed an Out of Town Seller for a Listing Appointment 
  • Learned more about the World of EXP Realty from their Sponsor
  • Started their First Mailing Campaign
  • After Previously Only Working with Buyers, Landed their First Listing!
  •  Prepared their AMCards for October Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.
  • Prepared a Farming Schedule
  • Got a Full Price Offer on a New Listing
  • Joined a New Brokerage
  • Started Working with a New Investor 
  • Got 3 New Prospects 
  • Reconnected with Leads and Got them Moving on Financing
  • Prepared their Buyers and Sellers packet for 2023 and Included a Loanopoly Hand-Out
  •  Completed 2021 Taxes with Only $200 Due
  • Prepared a New Mailing Campaign with a Magazine for the Christmas Season
  • Researched Equestrian Associations for More Listing Exposure
  • Helped a Client Reunite with her Missing Cat

We LOVE celebrating these wins each week and LOVE seeing the changes these weekly real estate coaching calls make in our members’ lives!

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Ready to share YOUR real estate wins for the week?

POWER AGENTS® – Be sure to join us on the next Coaching Call to share those triumphs and cheer the weekly WINS of your fellow POWER AGENTS®! 
Real Estate Coaching is an essential piece for agents eager to create transformative results in their careers and life and create the kind of real estate success stories they see in other agents.

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