How To Nurture Online Real Estate Leads When They Don’t Call You Back
April 21, 2022

How To Nurture Online Real Estate Leads When They Don’t Call You Back

Real estate is frustrating enough at times without stressing about leads that don’t call you back. Here are some tricks of the trade…

“Lead generation.” Those two words can evoke emotions that span the spectrum from excitement to loathing, but leads are at the heart of our business. Without them, our production stalls. 

However, there is nothing more disappointing than getting leads, only to phone them up, leave a message, and never hear back from them. Why do they not call back? How does successful lead conversion happen? 

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Curiosity vs Interested 

One of the biggest problems with online marketing strategies and the online leads they produce is that the interest level is, more often than not, curious. They don’t want to actually talk to a human being, they were simply scrolling through social media when they saw it. FSBOs and Expireds or rentals are better qualified leads, so you will get a better response from those, which means that online leads need additional enticement.  

If they were just curious about their home’s worth, you might call them and say, “Hey, I understand that you expressed an interest in the value of your home. If you are still interested, please get back to me, and I’ll be happy to work that out at no charge.” You could also say, “Hi, this is Darryl Davis of Power Realty. You asked us about pricing your home, and I just wanted to share with you a report that we just created for homeowners about the neighborhood, so if you would like to get this report at no charge, then please let me know.” Not only are you responding to their initial inquiry, but you are offering a teaser for more. That creates a second point of contact, and possibly even a third and fourth.  

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Creating a Funnel to Capture Leads 

Real estate is long-term. Just because buyers and sellers aren’t ready right now, the fact they even clicked your lead gen ad is a hint that it is something that has crossed their minds. Once you get their contact information, you can use a mixture of phone calls, texts, and emails to help you nurture these leads, because we never want any lead to be one-and-done.  

Lead generation is all about the funnel. We have all seen what a funnel looks like, where the top is really wide and then the further down you go, the narrower it gets — in marketing, the further down you go, the better the quality of leads is. You may capture 100 leads, but only have a conversation with 50 of them. Of that 50, you get 10 people who are interested in selling in the next year, and 2 that are ready to list right now. Marketing 101, and the truth is, it’s all about the numbers. This means, that if you want to have, for example, 5 new listings a month, you will have to capture 500 leads.

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Setting Up a Drip Campaign to Nurture Leads 

Most CRMs have the ability to set up email drip campaigns, which are automated emails sent to everyone on your email list, calling them to take a specific action, such as visiting your landing page. When they do that, they move deeper into the sales funnel, and closer to hiring you! 

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When someone clicks on your online ad and submits their email, your CRM will put them into a drip campaign, and there are different campaigns that you can create, so you may have to choose the best campaign for that person. If you have different lead generating ads for different value pieces, they can go into a drip campaign designated to that piece or topic. The more things you can automate, the more time you will have for working on your business. 

What’s Next? 

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