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October 9, 2022

Need More Real Estate Wins In Your Week?

If the answer to that question was yes, you may just need a Real Estate Coach- don’t worry; you came to the right place.

The Monday morning coaching call with Darryl Davis is always an exciting time for POWER AGENTS®, as they share their wins from the previous week. This particular session was no different, with everyone sharing what winning moves had been made and why those successes mattered most!

  1. Help us celebrate these wins!
  2. 13 New Listings 
  3. 10 New Closings 
  4. 5 New Buyers 
  5. 5 Sales 
  6. 4 Offers Accepted 
  7. 4 Open Houses 
  8. 2 Listing Appointments 
  9. Had 3 Listing Conversations with FSBOs 
  10. Closed 2 Deals 
  11. Showed a New Client 2 Properties 
  12. Got 2 Pre-Approvals 
  13. Got their Highest Priced Listing Ever at $2.7M 
  14. Got a $250k Price Reduction on a $2,549,000 Luxury Listing 
  15. Worked on Getting Reviews from Past Clients 
  16. Put Together a FSBO Presentation
  17.  Extended a Tough Sellers Listing Agreement
  18.  Got an Appraisal Completed
  19.  Stepped Out of their Comfort Zone to Make Phone Calls
  20.  Got a Deal through an Attorney Review
  21.  Settled Home Inspection Issues
  22.  Prepared Buyer Documents for a Friend/Client
  23.  Got a POWER AGENT® Referral
  24.  Started Preparing their First Farm Area
  25.  Attended a Settlement with a Buyer 
  26. Negotiated Repairs Found in a Home Inspection 
  27. Connected with a Local Lender via Zoom 
  28. Started Blocking their Time Better 
  29. Began Attending Development Webinars 
  30. Focused on Creating Monthly Events 
  31. Mailed Out Newsletters Despite Hurricane Ian 
  32. Held 2 Deals Together 
  33. Got a Buyer AND Seller Client 
  34. Started Creating Buyer and Seller Presentations 
  35. Revitalized an Expired Listing & Got an Offer on it 
  36. Became a VA Loan Certified Agent 
  37. Kept a Deal Together 
  38. Stayed Safe During Hurricane Ian, Checked All their Clients & They’re Safe Too 
  39. Had a Tough Discussion with Sellers to Lower their Price on Friday and Got an Offer the Following Sunday 
  40. Showed a Property 
  41. Had an Amazing Open House 
  42. Worked with their Son’s Boy Scout Pack to Make Collections for a Canned Food Drive in their Farm Area 
  43. Learned about the Probate Niche 
  44. Got a New Contract 
  45. Negotiated a Redacted Offer and Got the Property Back on the Market
  46. Scheduled a Closing with a $47,000 Commission
  47. Worked through and Inspections for Termite Damage on a VA Loan 
  48. Closed a Very Hard Deal -Working Leads on a Regular Schedule 
  49. Closed their First Deal!
  50.  Got an Accepted Offer after Multiple Offers 
  51. Mentored a Fellow Agent on How to Promote a Listing that wasn’t Getting Traffic 
  52. Submitted an Offer and Got it Accepted the Same Day 
  53. Did SMILE Stops for Past Clients 
  54. Made New Friends and Connections at a Luau 
  55. Took Time to Themselves & put Themselves First for Once 
  56. Negotiated a New Buyer Sale 
  57. Helped Clients who couldn’t Sell to Rent their Home instead 
  58. Completed their First-Time Homebuyers Seminar 
  59. Has a Hot Buyer whose Price Just Went Up 
  60. Became a POWER AGENT®
  61.  Had a Fun and Successful Fall Customer Appreciation Event 
  62. Handed Out Fliers for a Neighborhood Fall Festival Farming Event 
  63. Planned a Free Buyers Seminar 
  64. Passed their Florida Real Estate Licensing 
  65. Fell into a Cash Deal that Closes this Week
  66. Took More Education Classes
  67. Got Two Listings from Previous Clients
  68.  Sent a Link for a New Jersey Tax Rebate to all their Contacts and Clients to Help them Save Up to $1500 
  69. Completed a Contract Over the Phone while on Vacation 
  70. Relaunched a Listing after 90 Days on the Market 
  71. Got through a BINSR on a Cash Sale 
  72. Signed Up with Reminder Media to Send Holiday Magazines to Past Clients 
  73. Reached Out to Past and Current Clients after Hurricane Ian 
  74. Fired their Boss to Focus % on their Real Estate Business 
  75. Found the Courage as a POWER AGENT® to Move on and Make Money for Themselves & Not Someone Else, Leaving their Team of 2.5 Years

This weekly call is one of our favorite parts of being in business. We love helping agents grow and celebrate success together!

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Ready to share YOUR real estate wins for the week?

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