September 10, 2018

One Thing Per Day…

POWERFACT:  Agents that block time each day to work ON their business, not just IN their business succeed at a much higher level.

These are busy times, I get it. I also get how many agents get so busy being busy and working in their business, they lose sight of the big picture that they are running their own business. And businesses need tending to! That’s why we came up with a monthly calendar to help you focus each day on one thing that can help you drive your business and bottom line. When you’ve got a “suggestion box” to pull from each day, it makes it a little less stressful — right? That’s what we’re aiming for! Helping agents reduce the stress, and increase results!

Watch the video below for some ideas on how to make the most of this “one-a-day” strategy!

One Thing Per Day...

What ONE thing do you think you could do each day, or each week to increase your level of success? Can you commit to prospecting one to three days per week? Can you try some of the fun “holiday” suggestions for door-knocking or connecting with your sphere? What ideas would you most likely integrate into your monthly business plan?

We’d love to hear from you! Head over to our Suggestion Box to send us your ideas here.

You can also learn a little more about the fun DO NOT DISTURB signs we created for you in this fun post! 

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