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August 10, 2023

Real Estate Coaching: Prospecting With Purpose

“What you do will only ever be as good as WHY you do it.” These powerful words from author and leader Zach Mercurio are a short, but strong reminder of why we need to find purpose in what we do.  Unsurprisingly, this also includes finding purpose in our prospecting 

Recently, I have been amazed at the efforts that our POWER AGENTS® have been making to move past their fears and master the art of prospecting, and it speaks to why finding a niche that speaks to our hearts and minds is part of finding this purpose.  

Here’s the secret sauce: when you find a niche that you really enjoy, it will show up in your business because you want to do it. When you are prospecting with a purpose, you are much more effective. 

Why Do You Prospect? 

What’s the driving force behind your actions? For some, prospecting is a means to secure listings, often rooted in financial worries. It’s like the struggle people face with diets. People start diets because they feel overweight, but paradoxically, the process of dieting only reinforces their belief that they are indeed overweight. Every step taken while dieting merely serves to validate this self-perception, which is why diets often fizzle out or fail to endure. The root belief remains untouched.

Likewise, the motive behind prospecting can sway its outcomes. If you’re prospecting due to an underlying belief of financial strife, the very act of prospecting becomes a constant reminder of your fear of financial insufficiency. The more you engage in prospecting, the more you gather evidence that seems to confirm your business’s struggles. You might catch yourself thinking, “I’ve made all these calls, yet no listings. Attended numerous appointments, but no listings secured. Written countless offers, none accepted.” Do these sentiments sound familiar? Essentially, these thoughts construct the proof needed to validate the perception of a failing business or personal inadequacy.

But let’s flip the script here. Imagine prospecting driven by a genuine enjoyment of helping your specific niche. This is where the magic happens. It’s not about fixing something broken anymore; it’s about answering a higher calling. The focus shifts to others, to create a positive contribution. The gratification that comes from this approach isn’t tied to your bank account or the need to mend perceived shortcomings in your life. Instead, it’s about making a meaningful difference and resonating on a much deeper level.

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The Truth About Perception 

Let’s talk about “perception” for a minute. It’s defined as “a belief or opinion, often held by many people and based on how things seem.” Notice how it’s not saying that it’s a belief or opinion based on facts? It’s based on how things seem. That means that even if you PERCIEVE your business as struggling, that doesn’t mean that it IS. It’s only your belief that it is. Psychology Today had this to say about how our thoughts create our reality, “Your thoughts, if you think them over and over, and assign truth to them, become beliefs. Beliefs create a cognitive lens through which you interpret the events of your world, and this lens serves as a selective filter through which you sift the environment for evidence that matches up with what you believe to be true.” Going back up to prospecting with the belief that we’re struggling, we cannot see the positives because we are viewing our business through the lens of the negative. Positivity is literally invisible to us! It’s only when we stop seeing our business through the lens of failure that we can find our purpose and move forward. 

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