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August 7, 2023

The Simple Daily Activity That Will Drive Your Business Forward

Want to build momentum? Put systems in place and keep moving forward.

Whether you are a brand-new agent or a seasoned veteran in the real estate industry, moving your business forward boils down to doing one thing every single day.

“Talk to People.”

That’s it. If you were to commit for the next 30 days to simply talking to potential buyers or sellers for just one hour every day, you would have no choice but to be more successful. Every single day you’d be giving yourself an opportunity to not only serve people in your market, but you’d get better and better at communicating because you’re practicing! Not long ago, on a coaching call, we talked about how the fear of prospecting and picking up the phone kept so many agents from ever realizing their goals.

It comes up so often that I actually did the math to determine an agent has to gain by making this commitment.

A 6-Figure Prospecting Formula For 2023 Success

  • 1 hour/day prospecting X 5 Days a week = 5 hours 
  • 5 Hours X 4 weeks = 20 hours a month 
  • 1 appointment per hour = 20 listing appoints 
  • 20 Appointments = 5 listings 
  • 5 Listings = 3 listings sold 
  • $10,000 Commission X 3 Listings Sold = $30,000 
  • $30,000 X 12 Months = $360,000

One HOUR a day! That’s it and you propel your potential to earn a solid six figures. What would that look like for you? For yours family? For your future? Come on, with odds like that – you can do one hour standing on your head if you needed to!

Getting Started

It’s easy to get stuck, I know. To get so busy with the minutia. Or getting ready to make your calls. To worry about defining the RIGHT time to prospect. The RIGHT numbers to call. The RIGHT circumstances for the stars to line up to give yourself the best chance for success.

The RIGHT time is NOW. Start today and make your calls for one hour every day for thirty days.

Who should you call?

  • Your sphere.  These are friends and family- those people that already know you and trust you. Check in with them. Have a conversation. Ask them how they are doing and what’s happening in their lives and ask how you can help. Be of service.
  • Past clients. Again, check in and make conversation. Let them know that the market is changing and how it is beneficial to know how those changes will affect them. Offer to provide a Neighborhood Market Report so that they can know the value of their home in current market conditions.
  • FSBOS. Listen, FSBOs need you now more than ever. Navigating multiple offers and contracts on their own is NOT in their best interests. We recommend using REDX to systemize these and remove the speed bumps for yourself.
  • Expireds. This is a GREAT week to start calling expireds. Many of your competitors won’t even be out of holiday mode for another week or so.
  • Renters. These are potential buyers in the making!
  • Open house leads. We love open houses for their lead potential! Even if you don’t currently have any listings, offer to host an open house for a colleague that does!

What time of day should you call?

What time works best for YOU? Are you a morning person or evening person? Use your strengths to your advantage.

Are you the kind of person who will put off a task all day if it makes you uncomfortable? If so, then I recommend you get it knocked out first thing in the morning.

Tracking Your Conversations

It doesn’t matter HOW you do this every day; it’s just important that you ARE doing it. Even if you make yourself a chart for each day with two columns labeled “Buyer” and “Seller,” that’s a great start.  Then you can put a dot or checkmark in the correct column after every conversation you have with someone about real estate.

Even if you only have ONE dot, you are still moving your business forward.

Tip:  Check out the rock-star habits of 12 top agents from the Close. 

Ready, Set, Go!

Are you ready to start taking things to the next level? Start gamifying your prospecting and activities so that you’re adding excitement and joy to the processes.

Power Agents, you’ll find lots of tools to be more proactive, productive, mindful, and courageous in our Time and Money Management tab in the Classroom.  Tools like the 30-Day Commitment Chart above that helps you stay focused and makes prospecting a little more fun!

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