February 8, 2021

The Simple Daily Activity That Will Drive Your Business Forward

Powerfact: Want to build momentum? Stop overcomplicating the process.

By Real Estate Coach and Speaker Darryl Davis, CSP

Whether you are a brand-new agent or a seasoned veteran in the real estate industry, moving our business forward boils down to doing one thing every single day.

“Talk to One Buyer and One Seller Every Day”

Yes, this seems so simple, and obvious! But I can’t tell you how many agents seem to have forgotten all about this, because in their minds, they spend a lot of time getting ready to talk to buyers and sellers but fail to actually have those conversations.

Being Stuck

We busy ourselves with worrying about Zoom, or worrying about listing appointments, worrying about advertising, our logos, our slogans, and so on. We put all our time and effort into preparing ourselves to talk about real estate, but when it comes down to it, we don’t do it! We aren’t doing our business when we aren’t talking about real estate!

Your job as a real estate professional is to speak to a buyer and a seller every single day about real estate. You are only DOING the business when you talk to another human being.

Getting Unstuck

Let’s use the trip to the grocery store as an example. There you are, getting your food for the week and the young lady at the checkout mentions that she’s been renting a small apartment and is thinking about buying her first home. So, you ask her a few questions and talk about real estate for the few minutes as she rings through your groceries, and there you go. She counts as a lead!

Anyone you talk to that is thinking about making a physical move in their life is a lead, and you are there to give them coaching on how to make that move and reach that next level in their life.

Tracking Your Conversations

It doesn’t matter HOW you do this every day, it’s just important that you ARE doing it. I would even suggest that you make yourself a chart for each day, with 2 columns labeled “Buyer” and “Seller”.  Then you can put a dot in the correct column after every conversation you have with someone about real estate. Whether it’s the waitress at your favorite diner or the manager at your favorite bookstore, the important thing is that it doesn’t have to be some big deal, you just need to have a conversation with someone.

Even if you only have 1 dot, you are still moving your business forward.

Ready, Set, Go!

Are you ready to start taking things to the next level? Start gamifying your prospecting and activities so that you’re adding excitement and joy to the processes.

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