November 7, 2022

Weekly Real Estate Coaching = Weekly Wins!

Come for the Real Estate Coaching – Stay for the Weekly WINS.

One of the biggest perks of The Power Program® is the weekly coaching call with Darryl Davis. He starts off every Monday with a “Win Party”, giving everyone an opportunity to share their real estate successes from last week while also learning new tips!

Check out these amazing wins:

  1. 10 New Listings
  2.  10 Closings
  3.  5 Made Phone Calls
  4. 4 Contracts Accepted
  5. 3 Closings Scheduled
  6. 3 Held Successful Trunk or Treat Events
  7.  2 Listings Under Contract
  8.  2 Got Referrals
  9.  Got a New Contract for a House Rental
  10.  Closed on their 5th House
  11.  Wrote a VA Offer
  12. Closed on a Referral
  13. Met with a Client Ready to List the 21 Properties of their Deceased Relative
  14. Designed a Just Sold Postcard to Mail out this Week
  15. Got a Referral for a $1M Buyer
  16. Got Signed On with a Fabulous New Lead Generating Company
  17. Handed out 150 Flyers at their Trunk or Treat Event
  18. Sent Out Pie Flyers
  19. Sent Out Emails
  20. Signed a Buyer Agency Agreement
  21. Participated in a Food Drive and SMILE Stops
  22. Has been Chatting with Random People that ask “You’re in Real Estate?” or “You’re a REALTOR®, Right?”
  23. Walked Around their Neighborhood and Introduced themselves to Neighbors
  24. Finally Realized they’re a Professional Learner, decided to Drop the “L” and Become a Professional Earner
  25. Closing with a Difficult Selling REALTOR
  26. Helped their Brother-in-Law (New Agent) with His First Listing Appointment
  27. Got a Potential New Agent to Join their Brokerage
  28. Picked Up an Investor Client as a Buyer
  29. Bought Toys for Tots & Promoted it on Facebook, Offering a Free Scratch Off for Anyone who Brings in a Donation

Ready to share YOUR real estate wins for the week?

POWER AGENTS® – Be sure to join us on the next Coaching Call to share those triumphs and cheer the weekly WINS of your fellow POWER AGENTS®! 
Real Estate Coaching is an essential piece for agents eager to create transformative results in their careers and life and create the kind of real estate success stories they see in other agents.

If you’re not yet a Power Agents®- no stress!

You can try us on for size for less than a cup of Starbucks! 

You can open the door for an all-access 30-day trial of this extraordinary, success-fueling program for just $5. 

That’s it. $5. No contract. No long-term obligation.

Just a wide and wonderful network of success-minded agents with a love of learning and a passion for helping one another, plus Darryl, plus our terrific team, plus a classroom literally packed to the rim with tools and training for every conceivable aspect of your business. 

For just $5! You’re totally worth $5!

Imagine what you could do if you had just a snippet of what’s inside The Power Program®! Just a fraction! 

Hope to see you on the “inside”! Here’s to your success! 

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