7 MLS Mistakes to Stop Making

Seven MLS Mistakes to STOP

WARNING:  Real Estate Rant Ahead POWERFACT:  The higher your standards, the more referrals you’ll get, the more business you’ll close, and the more relationships you’ll build.  The lower your standards? Is costing you your reputation and that of every other REALTOR®.  Look, I know I’m usually the smile guy. The glass half full guy. The […]

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Watch Your Thoughts…

POWERFACT: Your thought become your focus. Your focus determines your results. I was having a conversation with my son who was going through a difficult time. I asked him to look around the room and look for everything that was black then close his eyes. I then asked him to tell me everything in the […]

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Importance of Industry

POWERFACT: Before you start talking about YOU during your listing conversation – be sure that sellers have first bought into the value of our industry and using a REALTOR®.

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