Insights On Service From One of the Top Agents in the Country
January 28, 2022

Insights On Service From One of the Top Agents in the Country

Service over sales is a powerful differentiator – just ask one of the top agents in the country!

You’ve probably heard us (often) say that our Power Agents® serve, they don’t sell. As pinnacles in their communities, real estate agents should remember that their top job is one of service. They help people find their forever homes or get the most from their real estate investment.

We recently sat down with one of our favorite people, Annette Mina, who is in the top ½% of agents nationwide. She talked about her commitment to serving her clients and her community. She discussed how even through her toughest life challenges, she still kept going and serving others. She said, “being committed to serving others will help you through tough times.”

Here are some of the ways she shared to help fellow Power Agents® come from a place of service in their markets and create a real estate success story of their own:

Keep Up With Your Connections

When the pandemic first struck the market, Annette didn’t sit around waiting for things to blow over. Instead, she stepped up her marketing by calling all of her previous clients to make sure they were okay.

There are many agents who may not immediately think to keep up constant contact with their past clients outside of Facebook posts and the annual Christmas card. However, Annette brought up that there are so many opportunities to develop the relationship an agent has with their past clients.

  • Home Anniversaries
  • Wedding Anniversaries
  • Births
  • Family Deaths
  • Graduations
  • Holidays

In addition to keeping up with her clients’ lives, Annette tries to make the contact even more personal by sending handwritten cards and postcards. By keeping contact through print, she is able to break through the constant congestion of social media posts. “What’s old is new,” she declared. By staying in the forefront of these clients’ minds, she is ready whenever they or someone they love is ready to list or buy a home.

Provide Insight and Create Trust

An agent can serve, even when they may be rejected by a client. When dealing with rejection, Annette explained that her first instinct is to call back the seller, thank them for the opportunity, and ask for feedback for the future. By doing this, she further creates a connection and has the opportunity to learn how she can better serve the client on their real estate journey.

When serving a client that no longer wants to work with you, find ways to possibly negotiate a deal that will serve the client. This will help them see you as a source of future insight and trust. In the future, that trust will help them in deciding who to call first.

View Every Opportunity As Service

Whether you are brand new to the industry or have been working for 40 years, the most important thing to remember is to view every opportunity as one to serve. There are a thousand chances to find that one good client that can lead to dozens in the future.

Annette put a particular emphasis on the idea that each opportunity of service is a seed that an agent needs to tend like a farmer. While it may take time, it makes the future crop of referrals all the more satisfying.

We are incredibly grateful to Annette Mina for taking the time out of her busy schedule to speak with us and share her 40 years of real estate experience. For the full conversation and conversations with other Power Agents®, check out our YouTube channel here!   

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