February 25, 2024

Send, Call, See – How to Get More Results From Your Mailings

Connecting or reconnecting with your sphere and farm is not just about mailings – in fact, that’s only a third of the equation! 

When it comes to mailings, it can be tough to gauge how effectively they’re working. Many put the brakes on too early in the game when they aren’t hearing the phone ring off the hook. Here’s the secret sauce:  prospecting is not JUST about mailings. 

Mailing flyers, postcards, letters, etc. is only the first step, and sending mailings should never be random, but is part of a strategic marketing plan that spans mailings, contacting, and face-to-face meetings that we often hear referred to as, “Send, Call, See.” 

Step One: The Planning Stage 

Before you do anything else, make sure you have the funds to cover your campaign for at least six months. The Direct Mail Association has done studies on how people receive direct mail. They state that it takes, on average, three touches before homeowners can connect your name to your face, at least seven or eight before they associate your name with your business, and closer to thirty before they think of you as a brand name they’d consider working with. 

As with any direct mail, one-and-done doesn’t work. It never has. You can send out 10,000 postcards to 10,000 people, and you might get a bite, but if you were to send 1,000 mailings to 1,000 people ten times, then you’re building a brand.

Step Two: SEND – Mailing Items of Value 

When first starting out with mailings, it’s most effective to hit hard right at the start and send mailings every two weeks for the first two months. That means your buyers and sellers are getting four touches in two months, and that’s half of what they need to really brand your name, face, and career into their minds. After that, send out mailings once a month. Within six months (rather than eight), your farm area will know who you are, and that you are the real estate agent to call when they are ready to sell.  

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Step 3: CALL – Call Farm Area to Connect  

After sending out a few mailings, it’s time to start picking up the phone and calling those in your farm area. (Don’t groan!) Because you’ve “warmed” the audience, it feels less like cold calling and more like follow-up, plus you have a solid reason to call! You can say, “Hi, it’s Darryl from Power Realty. I’ve been sending you some information recently, and I just wanted to make sure you had received it? Great! Do you have any questions that I can answer for you today?” You can start asking questions and building rapport with these homeowners, getting a feel for what they need and what they are committed to in the coming years.  

Step 4: SEE – Start Door-Knocking or Plan S.M.I.L.E. Stops™ 

Now that you have been mailing and calling your farm area for a while, it’s time to get face-to-face with the people in your farm area. Whether you go door-to-door to visit briefly and introduce yourself face to face, or plan out some S.M.I.L.E. Stops™ for those potential clients you have started developing a relationship with, getting face to face to interact and answer any questions they might have is a great way to continue building rapport with your farm area. 

Here are some Spring SMILE Stops to get you started! 

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The Takeaway 

Branding your name, face, and what you do for a living can take time, so it’s important to be patient with yourself, patient with your farm area, and most importantly, be consistent with implementing this strategy. It’s working, even when it might not seem like it, but to give up too early might result in losing out on a lot of business and referrals.  

There is a whole world of people out there that you can build relationships with—buyers and sellers that need you to get past your fear, open up your world, and help them reach their Next Level®. 

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