March 26, 2018

Take Them to the Kitchen Table…

POWERFACT:  If you can get sellers to the kitchen table, and follow the R.E.A.L. Listing Conversation steps — you are more likely to leave with the listing.Watch — let me explain:

That was easy! 

Have some fun with your prospects. Loosen up a little. Stay present in the moment! I recently did a four-part series on the Listing Conversationhere’s a link to the wrap-up of that with links to all four training videos.

Take Them to the Kitchen Table...

Bottom line? The more comfortable you are with your listing presentation/conversation — the more confident you’ll be both when you’re face to face with sellers, and even when you’re on the phone booking appointments.  If you’re not CURRENTLY rock-solid in your delivery — dedicate some time every week to learning and practicing. Trust me, top producers STILL practice their craft.

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