March 5, 2018

How to Stay Focused on Your GOALS

POWERFACT: Goals don’t hit themselves. It takes clear focus and daily commitment to stay on track.

Every day, every month there are new opportunities to hit or exceed your goals, right? I want to share with you four powerful strategies for staying focused on your goals. You’re going to want to write these down!

  1. Share your goals publicly. Why? Because when our goals are just in our OWN heads, they don’t have as much power — or as much accountability. It’s easy to forget or let the goals get fuzzy when we don’t write them down, make them visual, and tell others what they are. Social media is great for this. Be
  2. bold! Say, “THIS IS MY BIG GOAL!” There’s a funny thing that happens when you do — people will HELP you hit it. They will. People love cheering on someone who is passionate about hitting their goals.
  3. Set MONTHLY goals. I talk a lot about this in my coaching. Annual goals don’t have the same kind of urgency or momentum as monthly goals. If you’ve got four or five things that you really want to accomplish, break them down into the daily activities that can help you get there this month. When you start accomplishing the “bite-size” pieces of the goal – the bigger goal seems more obtainable!
  4. Get coaching. Find a friend, a mentor, your broker – or an actual coach to help you stay on task, encourage you, discover new strategies, and look at things from a different perspective. I love the saying, “When you’re in the picture, you can’t see the frame.” That’s so true. When I have a business decision to make or a hurdle to jump, I have a great friend who is an amazing business person. He can see things I can’t because I’m “in the picture” — or too close to it. From the outside looking in, the answers are so much more obvious.  I just recently had a direct-access coaching member call me right before she had a big listing appointment. We talked and I gave her a few strategies to make her listing conversation stronger. She walked out of there with a listing worth $1.2 million. Don’t go it alone — have a coach or trusted adviser you can count on.
  5. Use motivational devices and software. Organization isn’t easy. Am I right? What is easy is getting off task or having things fall through the cracks because we’re trying to keep everything in our heads as opposed to a system that can help us stay on track. My team members and I use a program called Glip to help us manage all of our projects and I use a program called Nozbe for my personal goals and projects. You may want to check those out.
My goal? Is to help you reach YOUR goals. I’m passionate about helping agents reach their NEXT LEVEL of success. That’s why we pour so much content, information, training, skill-builders, and marketing tools into our The Power Program®, and why we host an all-access Power Agent® call every month.  You’ll find the login credentials on our Home Page.  This program is designed to take agents at any level of their business and help them double their income in a year’s time. Why? Because that significantly changes their lives, their businesses, and their relationships. That’s a whole lot to smile about!
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